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Things to Consider While Owning a Puppy | Puppy Ownership

Things to Consider While Owning a Puppy | Puppy Ownership

Owning a dog is an important decision that will affect your life. Because when you own a dog, if there is no setback, it will live with you for 12-15 years. During this time, you have to meet all her physical needs and at the same time make you feel loved and a family member. Therefore, if you are considering adopting a dog, you should know that this is also an important responsibility. If you want a pet that will live in harmony with you, you can own a well-trained adult dog. Because of the early training of these dogs, behavioral disorders have disappeared. But owning a puppy It also has certain advantages. If you own a puppy, you will have a stronger and lasting love bond. But when you decide to include a puppy in your life , you should investigate the relevant details well. Because your dog is not an item you can get rid of when you are bored. So, what should you be aware of when adopting a puppy?

owning a puppy
owning a puppy

Are You Ready To Owning a Puppy?

Puppies are pretty cute creatures. But you should think of adopting a puppy like having a child . You should not forget that he may have different needs such as nutrition and shelter and that you need to take time to meet these needs. Also k OPEK are highly social animals, often like to play games and spend time with their owners. For this reason, you need to make sure that you can meet your emotional needs as well as your physical needs . The training of K ducks is also time consuming . Especially puppy training takes more time . If you have a thought of owning a puppy, you should consider your working pace, and if you work very hard, you should review your dog ownership decision once again.

Owning a puppy brings with it many responsibilities . Moreover, some of these responsibilities are very expensive. Because you need to allocate a certain budget for dog food , care supplies, veterinary expenses, toys and education that your little friend needs . Said it costs you adopt will vary according to the type of puppy. Because the needs of a large breed dog like a golden retriever and a small breed dog like a pomeranian will be different, their costs will be different. As a result, adopting a puppy also means expense. Therefore, before you owning a puppy, you should definitely find out the monthly average cost that it will cost you.

Which Dog Breed Is Right for You?

Before owning a puppy, you should determine which breed of dog is right for you. Because the features you are looking for in a dog may not be in the puppy that you intend to adopt. Also, the size of your home may not be enough for the dog you want to feed. Accordingly, it is useful to have information about the features of small, medium and large breed dogs. Small dog breeds are dogs that can be easily fed at home. But dogs with large sizes may even become depressed in a small apartment . Therefore, to adopt a puppy you prefer how much you’ve grown up to the race if you want u must learn.

Still to be seen in dog ownership you what the possible problem s should investigate that. For example, pug dogs’ eyes are outward. For this reason, it is very easily affected by bumps and its eyes can come out of its nests. Again, puppies of small breeds are susceptible to eye diseases and Cockers to ear infections. In addition, sussex spaniel dogs are difficult to train. Large breed dogs often experience problems with their immune system, muscles, and bones. For this reason, they may need to take nutritional supplements regularly. Many more examples can be given about the problems that can be experienced with dogs. It is up to you to know about the diseases that the dog will be able to adopt in order not to experience any difficulties.

In addition, you need to determine your purpose thoroughly to decide whether your dog will be male or female. If your goal is to reproduce your race, you can adopt a female dog.

owning a puppy
owning a puppy

How is the puppy’s health condition?

One of the things you should be aware of when adopting a puppy is the health condition of the puppy . In this sense, if you have the opportunity, you should take the dog to a veterinarian before ownership . However cub dog to bring it to the vet checkup for your opportunity or some checks you can do yourself. At the beginning of your checks is whether there is an eye discharge in the dog. If there is inflammation or infection, it will look like a burr under the dog’s eyes. However, the eyes of a healthy dog ​​should be bright and clear.

Another important point regarding the health of the puppy is whether there are any problems with the upper respiratory tract . Healthy dogs’ nose is not too dry or wet, but moist. If there is discharge or wetness in the nose, there may be some health problems. Again, the ears of the puppy should be pink inside. In addition, the presence of bad odor or discharge in the ear should be checked.

The presence of parasites in the body of puppies can cause some health problems. For this, it should be noted whether there is parasite in the dog. Parasite control can be done from the dog’s feces. Because dogs with parasites in their bodies often have diarrhea problems.

How Old is the Dog You Own?

If you want to adopt a puppy, one of the points you should pay attention to is how old the dog is. Especially without the eight weeks it takes z can experience many problems with the puppy. Because the dog did not spend enough time with his mother and siblings. However, spending time with mothers and siblings is very important for the puppy. Because the dog will learn to survive and communicate with other dogs during their time with the family. If you do not want to have a self-confident dog, you must wait at least eight weeks before adopting the dog . Also, since all of these dogs’ vaccines will be completed, you eliminate the risks such as viral infection.

owning a puppy
owning a puppy

Where is a puppy owned?

There are many ways you can apply to owning a puppy . One of these ways is to own one of the dogs in the shelters. However, you should not forget that dogs in the shelter may have physical or psychological problems. Therefore, if you want to own a dog from the shelter, you should get as much information about the dog as possible. You can also get your dog from a dog farm or pet shopt moment. But dogs or other animals are not things you can give and receive. IR internet the type of dog you want in the world, free your Claim it will provide many ads are available. You can also browse these ads . As a result, you can own your little friend by browsing through the shelters or the ads on the internet and bring these beloved creatures back to life.

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