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American Bulldogs FAQ

American Bulldogs FAQ

The ancestors of the American Bulldog arrived in the United States with the first settlers. These all-purpose working dogs were used for controlling unruly cattle and semi-wild hogs, hunting wild boar, and protecting their homestead and family.

What traits would help American Bulldogs accomplish their work? That’s right… great strength, athleticism, courage, toughness, determination, independent thinking, strong drives to chase and grab other animals that run, territorial instincts, and loyalty to his owner.

The best-known lines are the John D Johnson (aka “Classic” or “Bully”) line, and the Alan Scott (aka “Standard” or “Performance”) line.

  • The Johnson line is heavier with a shortened face and a rolling gait – think of an English Bulldog, though not nearly as extreme.
  • The Scott line is more athletic with a longer muzzle and a tighter, springier gait.
  • However, most American Bulldogs today are not one or the other, but a hybrid blend of these lines.

Some lines of American Bulldogs are specifically bred for showing in the conformation ring, while other lines emphasize the breed’s hunting skills, primarily against wild boar.

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