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Micro Exotic Bullies FAQ

Micro Exotic Bullies FAQ

Micro bullies are small, cuddly dogs that thrive on human companionship. They are extremely devoted and happily accept any form of affection from their people. Micro bullies particularly enjoy snuggling with their owners as they usually sleep often and for long periods.

This affectionate nature of the micro bully also makes them open towards strangers. Although it may take time for them to get comfortable around new people, they are social dogs that warm up to strangers quickly.

Micro bullies have a similar temperament as the other American bully dogs. However, these dogs tend to be more on the laid-back side than the larger bully dogs. They are quite lazy dogs that love napping the entire day.

Since the micro bully doesn’t have the athleticism of the larger American bullies, you can consider them companion dogs. The micro bully’s laid-back attitude and affectionate nature also complement this personality trait, making them cuddly lap dogs.

Micro bullies are also sensitive dogs that thrive on affection. They don’t take harsh corrections lightly and may lose their trust in humans. When training a micro bully, it’s critical to only utilize positive reinforcement techniques.

These dogs can get along well with pretty much any furry family member. A micro bully will fit right in and get along with dogs, cats, and even small animals. However, they may not be able to keep up with active dogs. Micro bullies do best in families with gentle characters that love napping the entire day as much as them.

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