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Dog Breeds Small | The smallest dogs in the world

Dog Breeds Small | The smallest dogs in the world

Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving species of pets. These creatures, which can be in a good relationship with people in terms of structure, are the most suitable for breeding dog breeds. These small dogs, which are preferred by many animal lovers due to their petite structures not changing and their sympathetic appearance; it tends to be educated, playing games, and making friends with its owners. But before you own a dog, you need to make sure that the place you live in is suitable for your little friend. You should also keep in mind that the presence of a green area in your surroundings means an area where your dog can socialize and behave comfortably. So, what are the breeds of dogs that do not grow suitable for feeding? dog breeds small

dog breeds small
dog breeds small

Growing Dog Breeds That Can Be Fed at Home and Features

Dogs are generally in size; Tinny (Smallest) is divided into 5 categories: Small, Medium, Large and Maxi (Largest). Tiny dogs, also known as fancy dog, are the most suitable dogs for home care. Again, small dog breeds bark very often and can disturb those around, but they are both comfortable and harmonious. Dog breeds and their characteristics that do not grow much means that the following is as follows. So, what are the breeds of dog breeds small suitable for feeding?

  • Chihuahua

This small dog can reach a maximum length of 13 centimeters. Again, their weight is 1200 to 1700 g. Chihuahua sexual dogs, ranging from, are somewhat arrogant and intriguing creatures. But when they realize that they are loved by their owners, they are tied with extreme love. However, they carry the title of the smallest dog in the world, and some are small enough to fit in the human palm.

Chihuahuas, which are among the dog breeds that do not grow, start to shake if they are excited or afraid. The immune system may collapse due to the troubles of these small dogs, who do not like long journeys. Chihuahuas who live for an average of 13-15 years can be easily cared for at home. Only hairs need to be brushed regularly every 2 weeks. Accordingly, it is useful to purchase a dog comb suitable for combing its hair.


  • Pomeranian

Pomeranian pedigree dogs have become popular in our country in the last years as they are all over the world. These dogs, which attract attention with their sympathetic appearance, are one of the first to come to mind when it comes to dog breeds small that do not grow. Pomeranians who are very loyal and loyal to their owners are both stubborn creatures. However, they do not cause any trouble if they grow up with other pets when they are still young.

Pomeranian dogs should be sufficiently trained in barking. Otherwise, even if the door knocks, they can bark and infect other residents. They also need to be well educated about who their owners are. Because these little dogs have a sense of not listening.

dog breeds small
dog breeds small
  • Pekingese

Pekingese (Pekingese) is one of the most loved dog breeds all over the world. This sexual dogs, originating in China, are very small and fall under the category of ornamental dogs. Although they are among the dog breeds small, Pekeyines, who are courageous, are overly attached to their owners and are not afraid of being thrown when they feel their owners are in danger. Another feature of these dogs is that they are jealous. Pekingas, which have a high tendency to bark, can be easily looked after in a good education.

  • Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. So they are very easy to train. Toy Poodles have all the known characteristics of the Poodle breed except for its dimensions. These cheerful, smart and fragile creatures, however, are fond of their owners. Therefore, they are good watchdogs.

Toy Poodlle dogs, which are among the breeding dog breeds that can be looked after at home, need careful care. Accordingly, they should be shaved every 6 weeks and take a bath at certain intervals. In addition, their ears should be checked for parasites and the hairs located at the ear entrance should be cleaned. Toy Poodle, which is also among the dog breeds, is ideal for individuals who are allergic only and want to own a dog.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

We are able to admire the animal servers with their Yorkshire Terrier, cute face and small appearance. These dogs, which can be taken care of in their apartments, bark very much on strangers. Although it is a type of dog that gets along well with children, it is understood that they will not be angry with the children only when they are released. Because they are creatures that can become angry when the Yorkshire Terrier gets angry.

In addition to these things, these little dogs that are loyal and accustomed to the owner have long and soft hairs. They just need to be combed regularly to keep their hair beautiful and well-groomed. It is also very important that they feed on rich dog food.

  • Dachshund

Dachshund opens as a hunting dog due to its good-smelling nose and sharp ears. This dog breed, which is very energetic and docile, is so mobile that it can be thought that its energy will never end. Dachshund sexual dogs can cause other animals to be disturbed because they are so mobile because they are compatible.

It is the feeding and care of these dogs, which are among the breeding dog breeds. However, it is not appropriate for dogs of the this breed to eat too much due to their physical structure. Because although they are very energetic, they cannot spend long energy and they need to go for long walks in order to be able to throw energy.

  • Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon, a lively, lively and bright intelligence dog breed, has a wonderful relationship with its owner. These dogs and strangers, who have a loving and pampering structure, also get along well together. It is even possible to care for cats in the same house. However, their tendency to be over-selective and gluttonous eating habits is the subject of mention.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog
  • French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an agile and strong dog. This dog, which has an average life of 13-14 years, is preferred by those who want to adopt a dog because it is not growing too much. Other Boulevards French Bulldog; draws attention with its calm, friendly and patient personalities.

Dog breeds small should be informed about the health problems that your little friend you plan to own, and you are being fragile about their care.

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