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Paw Care in Dogs | How to Care for the Paw in Dogs?

Paw Care in Dogs | How to Care for the Paw in Dogs?

There is a soft tissue under the paws of the dogs , and this tissue makes cushioning for the joints and reduces the impact of the bumps . In addition, soft tissue has functions such as facilitating walking on hard and distorted surfaces, protection from very hot and cold . Therefore, paw care should not be neglected in dogs , it should be included in routine care . Again, when it comes to paw care, cutting the nails , treating the cracks in the paws and removing the foreign bodies escaping between the paws. Many factors can be mentioned. All of these factors should be taken into account when performing paw care and maintenance should be done regularly without skipping any steps.

paw care

Paw Care in Dogs

Dog care in dogs is an issue that many dog owners wonder. P care is a very delicate process, although it may seem easy. In order for our furry friends to take happy steps , paw and nail care should be done correctly without ignoring any steps . You can also ensure that your dog always has flowing paws by following the steps we will talk about paw care.

Cutting the Nails

The nails of the pet dogs should be trimmed at regular intervals. If it sounds like clicks, especially when walking on floors such as asphalt or tiles, it is time to cut the nails. Because dogs’ nails should be long enough not to touch the ground. But nail cutting in dogs is not an easy process . The dog may hurt during unconscious procedures and therefore does not allow his nails to be cut. In addition, the hurt dog can even attack with an instant reflex . In this sense, if your dog does not allow his nails to be cut, you can get help from a veterinarian.

If you have a tame and well-behaved dog, then you can easily cut the nails yourself. But you should make sure that you choose the right scissors for dog nail care . You should not try to cut your dog’s nails with nail clippers especially suitable for human use, you should buy a dog nail clipper suitable for your cute friend . Also when cutting your dog’s paws search for the nail n should check in. Because the feathers can settle between paws over time and cause pain.

In addition , bleeding may occur if nails are cut incorrectly . In such cases , it is beneficial to provide first aid with anti-bleeding preparations specially produced for nail bleeding in dogs .

Moistening of the Bottoms of the Patients and Massage of the Patients

One of the most important points for paw care in dogs is moistening the bottom of the paw . Patis dry out when they do not get enough moisture and bleeding may occur. These bleeding will cause pain and pain in the dog. You should avoid using humidifiers suitable for human use to moisten the bottom of the paws. Because such moisturizers soften your dog’s paws more than necessary and can cause more serious problems. Instead, dog paw care cream should be used. Pati creams prevent skin cracks and dryness and create a comfortable feeling on the skin .

It is also useful to massage your dog’s paws with the cream you have acquired for the care of paws . Because paw massage accelerates blood circulation and provides the dog to relax. You should start the massage from the bottom of the palate and continue with your fingers.

Seasonal Care of the Paws

Paw care in dogs varies according to the seasons. Severe colds, especially in the winter months, can cause the patina to crack and harden. Yet the road to road salt and chemicals to dissolve the patina of ice water to collect and can lead to infection. In addition, dogs that lick their paw can be poisoned by swallowing chemicals . To avoid such problems, you should take care to wash or wipe your dog’s paws with warm water after the winter walks .

Dog shoes can also be used in order to completely eliminate the negativities associated with paws in the winter months . Dog shoes that protect from possible paw injuries do not cause any discomfort and ease of use during your dog’s walking and running.

In addition , your dog feels the warmth of the pavement or asphalt during your walks on hot summer days . This hot summer day at the beach on a hot naked in the sand on foot as you push consider. The temperature of the sand will be unbearable for you. Therefore, keep in mind that you can get hurt when walking with your dog in the summer. However, due to hot or burn your dog’s paws in the water to be collecting her to remove the very hot hours of walking. In addition, in order to avoid burns and wounds, such as asphalt sand and heat are accumulated ir most areas remote from hold.

If, after all, burns and wounds are formed on the paws , you can clean the small wounds with antibacterial soap and then wrap them with a sterile cloth. But for serious burns and wounds, you should take your dog to a veterinarian without losing your dog .

How to Prevent Patience Problems in Dogs?

paw care
paw care

In order to protect the paw health of dogs, paw maintenance should be done regularly. Besides, it is necessary to take different measures regarding the problems that may arise . One of these measures is related to the dog’s exercise program.

Objects that can sink their paws during walks should also be considered for dog paw care . Especially if you are feeding your dog in your garden, you should remove objects such as sharp pebbles from him to protect the paw health .

ne of the problems that can be experienced with the paws of dogs is swelling of paws. This is not a major problem, but the underlying causes of swelling must be investigated. Because cheesy paws will disturb your dog. In addition, the swelling may start to hurt after a while due to the sensitivity of the paws . To prevent this, paws should be checked regularly . Especially , pinched objects, insect and spider bites, toe fractures and allergies can cause swelling.

Your dog’s paw in s e a lump difference if you d be primarily an object that jam , you need to check . If an object is stuck, you should remove it very carefully . But your dog this process as well s the docile and quiet can act . If your cute friend opposes interfering with his paw, then it is useful to visit a veterinarian.

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