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Pregnant Dog Care and Nutrition | How to Feed Pregnant Dogs?

Pregnant Dog Care and Nutrition | How to Feed Pregnant Dogs?

The pregnancy process of dogs is a stressful process for dogs as well as for their owners. During this period, which lasts approximately 56 to 70 days, much more care should be taken in the care and feeding of the dog . B i how long the dog’s condition, such as pregnancy and how many puppies will bring to the world veterinarian DONE will ira examination results can be learned. In addition, it may not be understood whether a dog is pregnant or not. Because pregnant dogs’ tummyswelling can only be noticed after 1.5 months. The ultrasound procedure applied in veterinary visits is the healthiest method for understanding the pregnancy in dogs. Pregnant dogs live in good conditions and good nutrition manner, both inside the mother’s health as well as puppies n is very important. So, what are the things to know about pregnant dog care and nutrition?

Pregnant dog care
Pregnant dog care

How to Care for a Pregnant Dog?

Dogs in the pregnancy period, people also can experience some problems as it is a sensitive period . Some precautions should be taken to prevent these problems . Accordingly, people who plan to buy puppies from their dog should have the necessary checks done before the process. If the dog has incomplete vaccinations that need to be done, n should be checked for parasites . The aforementioned checks and groomed dogs are ready for the pregnancy process. Pregnancy diagnosis can be made by examining the veterinarian about 3-4 weeks after the mating takes place . Even the number of offspring can be determined, although it is not very clear during this examination.

One of the most important details about pregnant dog care is where they will give birth. Wherever the dog will give birth, it should be accustomed to it. Because the mother dog will be very stressed during childbirth and may have difficulty in finding a suitable place . The belly of the pregnant dog should be caressed and compassion should be shown. This is very important for the owner to accept his help during delivery.

Dogs are usually the last stages of pregnancy after the 60th day. The dog is now ready for birth. However, if the bearer expiration has reached 70 days, something may be wrong . Therefore, the veterinarian should be contacted as soon as possible.

In addition, some materials must be prepared a few weeks ago for the birth of the dog. We can list these materials briefly as follows:

  1. newspaper paper in an amount sufficient to cover the place where the dog will give birth,
  2. The mats to be used as a bed with the end of the birth,
  3. sterile scissors to cut the umbilical cord,
  4. Iodine to sterilize the incisions after cutting the umbilical cord,
  5. Hot water bag to keep the pups warm after birth,
  6. Thermometer,
  7. Paper towel,
  8. Telephone number of the veterinarian

These materials, which may be necessary for the birth of the dog, should be placed in an easily accessible place during birth. Because it is not possible to predict the birth time of dogs. Dogs instinctively know what to do during childbirth. However, unwanted situations can still be encountered. For example; Failure to cut the umbilical cord after childbirth is a risky situation for both mother and offspring. Again, when the offspring first comes out, the mother needs to clean the sticky liquid. Otherwise, the kitten may die because it cannot breathe. In this case, the puppy with a clean paper towel n needs to be cleaned. In addition, mother dogs may forget to warm their puppies during childbirth. If intervention is not possible, the offspring may lose their lives due to the sudden heat change. Preparing dog owners for birth a few weeks ago is of great importance in order not to experience these problems.

How to Feed Pregnant Dogs?Pregnant dog care

One of the most important issues to be considered about pregnant dog care is their nutrition. Dogs should be fed on a special schedule during pregnancy. Because in this period they need more food than ever before. In addition, proper nutrition of the dog is of great importance for the healthy development of the puppies. Therefore , a veterinarian should be consulted with regard to pregnant dog nutrition . The veterinarian will determine the nutritional needs according to the dog’s breed and overall health.

During the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the nutritional needs of the puppy can be met by the mother. However, as of the 5th week, the nutritional needs of the puppy increase. In parallel, the need for the mother dog to consume dry food will increase. The dog’s increased nutritional needs can be met by different methods. In this regard , puppy food can be started instead of the food it consumes . Because puppy food is prepared to fully meet the energy and nutritional needs of a pregnant dog. Again, supplementing with calcium in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy is important for the health of the dog . In pregnant women, calcium stored in their bones is drawn for milk production. If calcium is not supplemented, it will not be able to produce enough milk for the offspring and may experience problems such as tremors and inability to stand up.

Dogs become susceptible to weight gain during pregnancy . Because they move less, the fat rate in their body rises and the excess weight associated with it can stress them . For this reason, they should be ensured to do small activities that they do not get tired during the day. Another detail to be considered about nutrition in pregnant dogs is that they are fed little by little, especially in the last period. Because the growth of offspring causes the dog’s stomach to shrink. Excessive food consumption bookmark will lead to stomach problems though. Therefore, attention should be paid to their frequent and gradual feeding.

It is not recommended to feed pregnant dogs with home cooking . Because home cooking is insufficient to get enough nutrients they need. For this reason, it is most ideal that they feed on a dry or wet dog food recommended by the veterinarian .

In addition to all these, the food consumption of the dogs decreases significantly in a few days before birth . Even one day before birth, food consumption may stop completely. During these periods, the mother dog should be provided with plenty of fresh and clean water.

In which cases should you consult a veterinarian?Pregnant dog care

You should be taken to the veterinarian at regular intervals to find out if your dog’s nutritional requirements are fully met during pregnant dog care . Again, you should prepare a specific program with your veterinarian about how often the dog should be examined both before and after birth. Also pregnant köpe wearing your turn e t being continually monitored and should go towards mean something when you realize you must notify the physician ether. You should contact the veterinarian as soon as possible, especially if the pregnancy has exceeded 70 days, the dog is extremely sluggish, vomiting, or if the gum color is pale or alive than it should be.

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